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A Cracked out Christmas Carol offshot #1

Title:  A cracked out Christmas Carol offshot #1
Pairing:  OT3  or JaeHoMin
Rating NC-17
Disclaimer:  Nothing, absolutely.
Summery: After their escape from the deadly snow and Changmin's crazy Christmas story the boys settle down for a nice vacation.
You can read all 7 chapters of the origional story at musicaloddnotes

There was no better way to start off a vacation Changmin thought than a nice hot meal. 
There was no better way to start off a vacation after a nice hot meal Changmin thought than standing in their room making out with Jaejoong.

How Changmin got there was still a mystery to him.  Well, he knew how he got there, he was sharing a room with the oldest and their leader, but how he got into this situation of kissing Jaejoong he still wasn't quite sure.

Another thing Changmin wasn't sure about was how their leader was going to react.   He had gotten away with kissing Jaejoong twice in the van on the pretext that it was part of the story, but now he had no excuse for kissing the oldest.

"Relax," Jaejoong said pulling away from Changmin's lips.  "We're on vacation."

Changmin nodded letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding until just then.

Hands reached for him,and Jaejoong's  fingertips brushed his stomach along the waistband  of his jeans, the kiss that followed coaxed him into lifting his arms as Jaejoong slid the shirt over his head.   letting his hands fall until they were caught by Jaejoong's hips, Changmin's fingers were drawn to the button of the oldest' pants, a pop of the clasp allowing them to fall open exposing creaming skin and cotton.

What am I doing? Changmin suddenly thought. When did I let it go this far?

Before he could give himself an answer Jaejoong was running his tongue up his neck to suck on his earlobe,  a click at the door drawing their attention away from one another as Yunho entered the room.

Shit, he was in trouble now.

"Yu...Yun...Yunho," Changmin stumbled pushing Jaejoong away from him making the oldest take a step backwards.    "I...I'm...sorry...I was just," the youngest trailed off.

"Kissing Jaejoong?" Yunho supplied.

Changmin nodded, looking between the two of them.  "It was...It was..."

"It was really hot," Yunho growled lightly shifting on his feet.

"I know," Changmin sighed.  "and I'm really sorry. Wait what?"

Yunho just smiled.  "You heard me."

"Yunho you're late," Jaejoong said drawing the attention of the other two towards him. "We had to start without you."

"Sorry," Yunho replied, all languid movements as he slipped out of his shirt while walking towards the pair.   A predetermined stop found the leader leaning in to kiss Jaejoong  a groan escaping Changmin's mouth before he could bring his hand up to silence it.  Yunho just smiled, "please don't stop on my account."

Jaejoong reached for Changmin again but he just stood there, causing  a puzzled yet concerned look to take up residence on Jaejoong's face.  "Changmin?" the oldest asked as Changmin looked up past him at Yunho.

 "Are you ok with this?" Yunho finished Jaejoong's question.

"But," it was the only word Changmin could get out.

"I'm not mad," Yunho said now realizing what the problem was.  He leaned in slowly pressing his lips to Changmin's, cupping the youngest' face with his hands.  Changmin nodded, tension releasing as he returned the kiss, keeping it chaste, letting it simmer on his lips.  He could feel the concern, the love Yunho put into it before he was pulling away from their leader.
"We don't have to, I can go back downstairs," Yunho's words gave the escape, the get out of jail free card, but Changmin wasn't sure he wanted to use it.

:"No, I want to," Changmin replied firmly and his decision was made, finalized as he pulled Yunho to him for another kiss.  This kiss was different, full of intent as Changmin chased Yunho's tongue back into the leader's mouth, felt it create goose-bumps across his flesh.

Breaking the kiss Yunho grinned almost devilishly as he trailed his hand along the youngest' stomach before turning to walk around Jaejoong, pressing his body firmly behind the  lead singer letting him feel his arousal.  A heavy sigh from the oldest filled the room as Yunho's hands traveled his sides pulling off his shirt while the leader whispered something unintelligible into his ear.  Jaejoong nodded, taking steps towards the bed that they had just watched Changmin sit down on, stepping in-between his opened legs rubbing against the youngest. 

A moaned from the youngest, Jaejoong's name melding into tumbled over his lips as he leaned back on h is hands, the oldest letting his fingers dance under the waistband of his boxers, intimate touches going a long way to make Changmin very hot very quickly.   Deft hands pulled at his pants, kissed along his stomach before the youngest was squirming, panting loudly before Jaejoong released him allowing him to inch up the bed towards the pillows hoping that the other two would follow.  Settling comfortably against the headboard Changmin watched as Yunho's lips made contact with Jaejoong's once again, the oldest' hand trailing inside of Yunho's pants to mingle with the one already there.  Matching groans reverberating off the walls as they kissed, intimate touches passing between them while more clothing rained on the floor accumulating in a large pool of cotton and denim before they turned their attention back to the youngest.

Yunho lingered behind, sitting at the edge of the bed as he watched Changmin lie on the pillows, Jaejoong crawling hands and knees up the youngest' body sucking on patches of skin as he went.  The youngest' groan refocused his attention watching Jaejoong back track to draw Changmin's erection into his mouth, a groan escaping Yunho's mouth in sympathy.

Jaejoong hollowed his cheeks for the second time and Yunho had had enough of just watching. Crawling up, he trailed his hands over Jaejoong's back, kissing the f of his tattoo.  Watched as Changmin rolled his hips, jerking forwards at the sensations Jaejoong was creating within his body until there was a hand on his hip holding him firm against the mattress; Yunho's hand.  "He's a devil isn't he?" Yunho's words brushed fire against his ear and a cry escaped his lips.

 An abrupt change in  tempo almost caused Changmin to cry out in frustration as Jaejoong  rolled onto his side pulling away.  "Can't let you have all of the fun without us," Yunho said smiling sweetly as he settled on the other side of the lead singer effectively  trapping Jaejoong in-between them.

Somewhere in Changmin reaching over to kiss the smirk off of the leader's face Jaejoong felt two lube-coated fingers navigate their way inside his body as a choked moan pushed passed his lips before all movement stopped.

  "Jaejoong?"  Yunho almost sounded concerned while Changmin looked it.

"Surprised,"  it was the only word he could muster as Yunho, reassured that nothing was wrong, pressed his fingers in deeper, Changmin lowering his head to drag his tongue over a pebbled nipple.

Another moan escaped Jaejoong's lips as he trailed fingers up Changmin 's inner thigh, pushing back on Yunho's fingers for more contact.  Instead Yunho pulled away before placing a hand on the oldest' hip rolling him forward.  A tube palmed into Jaejoong's hand only gave a brief distraction as the leader pressed into the warmth that Jaejoong's body promised.

Changmin's eyes widened as Yunho;  unmoving and breathing heavily watched the youngest.  Only when his eyes trailed down Changmin's well toned body did he realize that it wasn't from watching his actions but rather from Jaejoong's that was the cause of his shocked look as the lead singer slowly and almost delicately pressed a gelled finger inside his body..

A  frustrated growl reached the walls before Yunho beginning to move, rolling with Jaejoong, pushing him against the youngest as he leaned in for a messy kiss with Changmin, watched as the oldest angled his wrist ever so slightly.

":Shit, do that again," Changmin panted his hips coming off of the matress and Yunho almost laughed at his over-enthusiasm..  "Show him Boo," Yunho's voice rumbled along Jaejoong's ear.

"Show him?  Show me Yunho, quit playing nice and actually fuck me already," Jaejoong growled before Yunho shoved him into Changmin even more, a grunt escaping both of them.

"God you're bossy," Yunho teased changing the rhythm abruptly, snaking his hand over Jaejoong's hip to reach for Changmin's cock.  "Moan for me," he whispered in the youngest' direction stroking firmly along its length.

Changmin moaned on cue  just like it was his part in their song to sing and with all of the sensations washing over him Changmin couldn't hold out any longer as his vision greyed.   In that moment he came, a garbled scream escaping his lips setting off a chain reaction, the sight of the youngest' orgasm pushing Jaejoong and Yunho to follow him. 

A pile of entangled limbs filled the bed as the three singers panted trying to catch their breath. 
Yunho shifted to get up for a cloth before being pulled back into Jaejoong's arms, the assurance that it could wait being kissed across his jaw.  Movement from the other side of the bed brought Jaejoong to turn his head watching as Changmin sat up swinging his legs over the edge.
"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.
"Back to my own bed or maybe the shower."
"Get back in bed," Yunho commanded picking up on Jeajoong's thought process.
"But we're on vacation," Jaejoong supplied fingers just ghosting the youngest' hip. 
Changmin smiled, eye squinting as he gave in curling up into Jaejoong a hand trailing out to rest on Yunho's hip.
"Then remind me to be on vacation more often."
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