dooyoo (dooyoo) wrote in jaehomin_love,

Fic: Sweet Synthetic Love

Title: Sweet Synthetic Love
Pairing: Jaehomin
Rating: PG 16 for violence.
Summary:Yunho one day recieves a special candy of love from a stranger. Yunho who has been in love with Jaejoong for a long time in secret decides to use the candy on Jaejoong. But uh oh! Someone else accidentally ate it
Authors note: I'm sorry I've been writing nothing but past memories lately, but bear with me until like MAYBE one more chapter. Probably i'll go back to the regular story plot very soon! School is starting for me again so I can't write as fast as I use to but i'll do my best! Thanks so much for reading! (This story is not as sexual as my last story. I'll post the one-shot epilogue of The Color of Lovely  soon so look forward to it!)

Prologue + Chapter 1 )Chapter 2 )( 03. The Day I met him )04. Memories of Home )
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