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Welcome to JaeHoMin Love ♥

~*Mission Statement:
~We end the FIGHT between JaeHo and JaeMin.

~1. You must love JaeHoMin, as friends, as brothers, but preferably as lovers ♥
~2. Supporting YooSu just comes with the package, go with the flow
~3. No JaeMin, no JaeHo and no HoMin. It must be all three at once. (Eventual JaeHoMin is fine ♥)
~4. All content that is rated above PG-13 MUST be behind an LJ-Cut AND in a friends locked post.
~5. Please label your posts in the subject line. Ex.. FIC, ART, PICS
~6. All fanstories MUST include a rating OUTSIDE of the LJ-cut.
~7. If you disable the comments, your post will be deleted.
~8. Respect all other members.
~9. The mod is always right. Always.

~*Mod Contact:
~AIM: Min eats Jae
~MSN: ravenlock_3@yahoo.com
~EMAIL: ravenlock_3@livejournal.com


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